Our Primary Risk Manager software provides an online enterprise wide risk and compliance system. The system enables multi- sited organisations to control risk and compliance in real time offering significant savings in cost while ensuring compliance with a wide range of issues. Our clients can have the system tailored to suit any particular requirements ranging from Health & Safety to Clinical Compliance and from Aged Restricted Sales to Food Safety and Hygiene.

By offering a systems based approach we are able to offer significant cost benefits over more traditional methods. Using and overlaying an organisation’s existing risk and compliance methodology onto our purpose built online platform we enable complete visibility across the spectrum of risk issues to be monitored and managed via a dashboard from your Head Office. The Risk Manager software can also be supported by regular compliance inspections/audits from our team of highly qualified and experienced auditors.

Example: multisite organisation with 800 locations annual fire risk assessment £300 per location = £240,000 using Primary Risk Manager software at an annual licence fee of £10 per location £8000 saving £232000! And we can offer additional onsite support from our team of professionals