Our Services

With over 20 years of experience of supporting clients in achieving compliance, our consultancy team can support you to improve efficiency while reducing cost, and time on core risk management activity. Many of our clients, in anticipation of the Primary Authority Scheme organisations require a due diligence based approach to their operational governance and risk management methodology. Our ‘joined up’ systems and service backed approach has already demonstrated significant cost and time savings and our ability to engage with partners, both corporate and enforcing bodies, means that we can quickly engage to ensure compliance.

We can provide onsite bespoke consultancy support and training in Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Business Improvement or Lean Management Thinking or compliance auditing for added security and peace of mind.

The health & safety (fees) regulations 2012 can impose significant fines and fees on business for failure to comply with legislation, these fees can range from £750 where an inspection results in a letter from the enforcement body, to tens of thousands of pounds in extreme cases. Our services and systems are designed to enable you to take control of your compliance requirements and avoid these fees.