What is ISSOSmart?

ISSOSmart is an online tool to enable you to build your own tailored ISO compliant management system. The system enables you to build your own system in around 30 minutes and will contain all the documentation required to comply with the relevant ISO standard(s) and includes a user guide, manual, procedures, registers and forms.

Self Install: client populates all information themselves

Assisted Install: includes gap analysis, action plan assistance with internal audits and management review

Full Install: complete support through the process with guaranteed certification

How can it help my business?

By introducing a quality management system such as ISO 9001 to the business, the quality of processes will increase and costs due to inefficiency and waste will decrease.

In addition, the business will be able to advertise their use of the internationally recognized ISO 9001. This may create business opportunities that were not available before an objectively verified quality management system was in place.

Having management systems in place, such as ISO 9001, will also help when selling a business. The integrity and value of the business will be apparent with well-documented processes and proof of quality. ISO 9001 will ensure the reputation of your business in any situation.

The base package?

The basic ISSOSmart system is designed for any type of business using blank templates that the client populates by answering a series of questions about their business. The system is smart and automatically populates the templates with your own company logo and tailors the mandatory manual, procedures, registers and forms.


ISO Compliance Systems

We specialise in integrated management systems and business improvement. Our vision is to provide the most cost-effective consultancy assistance to manufacturing & service organisations, in their pursuit of business excellence’

Our electronic management systems give clients complete control over their own management system allowing full access to amend and edit the system whilst enabling all employees to access the user friendly screens that provide up to date documentation at everyone’s fingertips.

We provide highly cost-effective assistance, to all sizes of manufacturing & service organisations, to define and implement effective business performance improvements. We aim to train Client personnel, so that these improvements can be continued when the project is completed, and we will be successful when our products and services continuously exceed our customer’s expectations.

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How It Works

step 1

Login/Register online

step 2

Answer some simple questions

step 3

Upload you company logo

step 4

Pay for the system online

step 5

Download your tailored system

step 6

Apply for certification
The Self install package is simple and easy to complete and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We also provide an assisted installation service where we can help you complete the questions and also provide a gap analysis service. Alternatively we also provide a full install where we will do everything for you.